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UPS 105 EG

Metal Repair Paste

IMPA  81 22 11

UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste is a specifically developed high-performance solvent free metal compound

that provides good mechanical strength combined with easy machining properties. 

Features & Benefits already  
  • Combines good machining characteristics with good mechanical properties

  • Solvent free material, therefore no danger to personal

  • Designed for application by trowel or spatula at thicknesses up to 12mm (470 mil)

  • Provides outstanding cold weld capabilities

  • Designed for use to repair cracked castings & rebuilding worn shafts, bearing housings

  • UPS Product is an ideal replacement from; Belzona 1111 super metal, Devcon Plastic Steel/ 10765 / 10271 / 10115,  Chesterton ARC 10, Loctite 3478 / 3471 & Enecon Metal Clad Duralloy. 

Applications for
UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste
  • Worn or damaged shafts

  • Bearing housing repairs

  • Cracked Engine Blocks

  • Sloppy key ways and scored rams

  • Flanges & mating surfaces

  • Damaged diverters in transfer houses

  • Transformers & cracked pipes

Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and don't take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired

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Chemical Resistance

The product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis', salts and organic media, 

Heat Resistance 

Suitable for long-term water immersion at temperatures up to 70'C (158'F)

and intermittent contact with pressured steam up to 120'C (248'F)

Resistant to dry heat in excess of 200'C (392'F) dependant on load. 

Product Documents
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