Stainless Steel Mitered Elbow Repair

This stainless steel pipe has contamination problems on the weld lines. This contamination has debilitated the nearby areas of the weld lines and they present leakage as well as pitting on the pipe 

Repair Procedure

The repair procedure consisted of several steps to be followed to obtain the reconstruction and effective reload without the need to eliminate the pressure line. We will take advantage today that there are no leaking problems, just pores. 

Cleaning, Preparation of the surface to re-load

In relation to the areas that have been scrubbed and treated, all residues have taken away with UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner. It is not only necessary to have a good surface texture, the cleaning of the residues that are not visible at first sight is indispensable to assure a perfect bonding

Demarcation of the area with tape

At first sight, the demarcation of the area could seem not important, but this will show the areas where we need to concentrate to leave the thicker layer of product. Once the product has reached the total cure, we are going to have a homogeneous and showy repair.

We continue to apply UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste, due to the fact that temperatures are higher than 30'C (86'F) mixture will be made kilo by kilo. 

After 30 minutes, the application of the product has been finished and the tapes removed. Due to the high temperature, to wait any longer would be risky due to the fast cutting. 

The area which is in contact with the cement will be repaired following the same steps, but due to the fact that the other side has the same characteristics, bit the bigger dimensions, it will be done simultaneously with UPS 19003 A&B Cement 

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