UVPC Pipe Joint Repair

A major Oil & Gas Refinery approached a Unique Polymer Systems distributor regarding a leaking UVPC Pipe Joint, the joint was leaking due to age & corrosion so needed a unique solution to solve the issue. 

The job previously attempted using a competitor's product, however the repair failed. This gave the distributor an opportunity to show how Unique  our range really is. (Unique Polymer Systems LTD) 

The surface was cleaned using a mechanical wire brush and grinder - UPS Blister Blaster - to remove all loose debris and to create a good surface for the Unique products to adhere too. 

Using a combination of UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste and

UPS 19007 GT Glass Tape the pipe joint was sealed. 

As always, downtime is primary concern in the oil & gas industry. This repair was completed with minimal downtime, only taking 3 hours from start to finish

Application Details 
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