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Multistage Pump Repair & Resurfacing

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD distributor was approached by an acid pumping facility.

The Multistage pump was used to inject MDEA in an Amine Based Sulphur Removal System on a Gas field.


Service Pressure: 1100 psi


Service Temperature: 120°C


Service Media; Methyl Di Ethanol Amine



The problem was that the pump was losing more than 60% of its original efficiency, 

due to severe internal erosion / corrosion especially on the O-Rings areas,

responsible for separating different stages of the pump.


Application Details


The internal surfaces of the pump were Abrasive Blast cleaned to Sa2½, 75 micron surface profile. Then using precise metallic former's, alignment was made and centralisation techniques put in place.



The surfaces were rebuilt using UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste, and resurfaced with

UPS 220 HTX High Temperature.

A Release Agent was used to stop the former's adhere to any surfaces

which did not require a permeate fix.

This repair saved the facility approximately $150,000 in total.

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