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Desalination Train Internal

& External Major Overhauling


Facility Name: Hub Power Station 

Equipment Name: Desalination Unit

Number of Equipment: 01- Train 

Service: Sea water, the job of this equipment to produce service water through the process of desalination. 

Service Temperature: 70 Degree 'C (158'F)

Service Pressure: Negative Pressure / Vacuumed. 


External Side: 

Sulpher particles venting from Exhaust Stack along with dew at night creates sulfuric acid on external roof side, which causes pitting and even through holes, vacuum hence broke and efficiency of the unit fall. 

Internal Side: 

Erosion/ Corrosion protection is required against sea water service along with 70'C (158'F) of continuous temperature. During major outage facility wants to repair all these weak areas with Cold Rebuilding System because Hot Water was not an option due to the presence of Rubber Lining Inside which could be damaged obviously during welding. 

After cold repair a perfect protective coating was also required which can sustain mild sulfuric acid phenomena and atmospheric conditions.


External Side: 

> All roof area was grit blasted, 

> Cold Rebuilding of minor pitting was done with UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste and UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste

> Doubler Plate Application of major pitted areas and through holes was carried out with UPS 105 EG / UPS 200 EG  on the roof, 

> Protective Coating application of roof was carried out with UPS 401 / 402 with a subsequent coat of UV Resistance Coating. 

> Top Coat on all external surface with UV resistance grade coating 

Internal Side: 

> Detached/ damaged rubber lining was removed and surface was grit blasted, 

> Rebuilding of pitted areas with UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade and UPS 210 CR Efficiency Ceramic 

> Protective coating application with UPS 403 UC Epoxy Coating

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