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Leaking Chemical Tank Base 

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD distributor were approached by a leading UK Chemical Plant, with a leaking chemical tank.


The chemical tank was a key part of the chemical process and therefore had to be operational as soon as possible. 

The Unique Polymer Systems LTD contractors were onsite within

24 hours.

The affected area was cleaned using abrasive blast cleaning (angled grit), to Sa 2½, 75 micros then de-greased to remove all surface contaminants.

The steel wall of the process vessel had corroded through & required a metal plate bonding to the base of the tank. A metal plate was formed and delivered on site, UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste was recommended as the bonding agent.  


UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste was applied to the process vessel surface and on the edges of the preformed plate. 

The plate was clamped into place and the material was allowed to cure for 2 hours. Any excess material was wiped away and all edges were made clean. 

The repair was completed in 2 days and the process vessel was back operating within 4 days. 

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