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Ceramic Linings - Fluid Flow Protection Systems

Unique Polymer Systems LTD Ceramic Lining product range is based on the latest solvent free epoxy technology and

is ideally suited to rebuilding and resurfacing equipment and components in a fluid flow environment.


The product range has been designed to be easy to apply, offer goes chemical resistance and excellent impact and abrasion

resistance in the most aggressive environments.


Whether for sewage, salt water, aggressive chemicals or aggregate slurries our products are proven to perform within industry.

Typical Repairs Include


  • Eroded slurry, sewage and salt water pump casings and impellers

  • Damaged cyclone housings

  • Corroded valve casings

  • Damaged bow thrusters

  •  Eroded rudders 

  • Damage tube sheets and end plates 

  • Damaged chutes and hoppers 

  • Worn filer bodies

  • Eroded turbine blades 

  • Eroded separators

Features of the Fluid Flow
- Ceramic Linings
  • Simple and easy to mix

  • Solvent free

  • No shrinkage or slumping

  • Good chemical resistance 

  • Capable of resisting temperatures up to 180'C (356'F) - Dry 

  • Good impact abrasion resistance 

  • High levels of adhesion to abrasive blast cleaned metallic surfaces

Benefits to the User Include

  • Reduced downtime of essential equipment

  • Resistant to wear and impact damage

  • Cost effective solution to a wide range of maintenance problems 

  • Reduction in life cycle cost of key operating plant 

UPS 235 BG

Urethane Fluid Ceramic 

Coating to protect against wear and caviation

UPS 210 CR

Efficiency Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic enhanced low friction coating for lining and protecting surfaces 

increasing pump efficiency

UPS 205 FG

Fluid Grade Ceramic

Coating to protect surfaces from chemical attack with high levels of abrasion

UPS 200 EG 

Ceramic Repair Paste

Paste to rebuild worn surfaces prior to relining

UPS 105 EG

Metal Repair Paste 

Paste grade metal repair and rebuild shafts or cracked flanges - suitable for machining

UPS 315 FG '80' Fluid Elastomer

Elastomeric/ rubber coating that is abrasion resistance for lining and protecting surfaces

UPS 501 LV /

UPS 501 SFE 

Epoxy Coating

Solvent free liquid coating - High build epoxy system suitable for application to manually prepared steel in adverse conditions

UPS 305 EG '60' 

UPS 320 EG '80' 

Paste Elastomer 

Elastomeric/rubber paste grade suitable to repair broken mountings and areas that require flexibility 


Contrete Patch Repair Extra Fast /

UPS 813 QS 

Quartz Screed

Concrete repair system for  pump plinths and floor areas. Repairs- Rebuilds- and Protects from high abrasion and mild chemical attack

The Unique Polymer Systems Ceramic Lining Solutions have been used in the
Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industries all over the world
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