The Unique Polymer Systems Ceramic Lining Solutions have been used in the Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industries all over the world

  • Rollers 

  • Pump impellers

  • Fan blades

  • New parts (Molds) 

  • Hoses 

  • Rubber tracks 

  • Conveyor slip joints 

  • Poured gaskets 

  • Abrasion resistant lining for new valves, pipes & pumps 

  • Worn conveyor belts 

  • Scored gravimetric feeder by tramp metal caught in wipers 

  • Torn extension boots between turbine & condenser 

  • Heavy equipment tracks 

  • Pump casings 

  • Abrasion & wear 

  • Pipe elbows 

  • Diaphragms 

  • Tyre's (off road) 

  • Expansion joints 

  • Butterfly valves 

  • Chutes 

  • Damaged tripper belts 

  • Transfer belts 

  • Ripped boots that are unable to hold vacuum

  • Sealing of 'alligator' cracks on boots

  • Fuel hoses

  • Coal chutes 

  • Gaskets 

  • Large impellers

  • Rubber lined pumps

  • Rubber rollers

  • Abrasion wear sites 

  • Inter-laminary adhesive 

  • Damaged rubber coated impellers and pump liners 

  • Making gaskets for irregular flange faces

  • Save on downtime by making conventional vulcanizing unnecessary 

  • Protection of new expansion boots


Rubber / Elastomeric Repair Systems

industry throws away millions each year in the way of broken, corroded and eroded plant & machinery. A major part of this could be recovered and repaired by using the Unique Polymer Systems LTD Rubber / Elastomeric product range, which is based on the latest solvent free epoxy technology and is ideally suited to rebuilding and resurfacing equipment and components in a Rubber & Elastomeric environment.


The product range has been designed to be easy to apply, offers good chemical resistance and excellent impact and abrasion resistance in the most aggressive environments.

UPS 310 RG '60'
Durometer Rapid Grade 60 Elastomer
Rubber Repair Paste 60 Durometer
Conveyor Belt Repair Kit
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Examples of where elastomeric repair products can be used;