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Salt Water Pump

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor recommended a fluid efficiency system for a saltwater pump. The pump was situated in the UK and had been taken off a large vessel and needed a major overhaul. 

Unique Polymer Systems LTD recommended the application of

UPS 200 EG followed by two coats of UPS 210 CR. The pump was abrasive blast cleaned, overhauled, rebuilt and coated at workshops in the UK and delivered back to the shipyard in France.

UPS 210 CR is a high gloss finish epoxy coating designed to improve flow efficiency in critical capital equipment.

Application Details

The internal surface of the pump was abrasive blast cleaned to Swedish Standard Sa2 1/2, 75 micron profile using an angular grit. 

The surface was degreased using UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner 

UPS 200 EG was applied to the blast cleaned surface,filling the pitted and scarred surface. 

Once the material had initially set, the first coat of UPS 210 CR was applied (Light Grey) 

A final coat of UPS 210 CR was applied 3 hours later (Blue)

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