Pump Repair & Overhaul

Fluid flow equipment suffers from erosion from day one in operation. This erosion will compromise the efficiency of the pump and increase the amount of energy required to power the unit. 

Even wear resistant materials will eventually wear away. The abrasive particles in erosive applications will wear away the protective oxide layer and subsequently wear away the base material. If temperatures and chemicals are also part of the application, then the wear can be significantly accelerated. 

If this cost is then multiplied by the number of pump units within the facility,increase in power consumption can be significant 

With the added problem of corrosion in the cases of abrasive applications, this can also add to the burden of pump motor. 

This cause and effect problem can mean that tge pump volute and impeller are being replaced on a regular basis. 

To combat these difficulties; Unique Polymer Systems LTD offer a unique range of hard ceramic engineering grade products. 

Products Used

UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste - Ideal for repair erosion/ corrosion damage in all types of fluid flow equipment 

UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic - Ideal for preventing erosion / Corrosion damage on all types of fluid flow equipment 

UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic - Extreme abrasion resistant heavy - duty coating material for use in highly abrasive situations in all fluid flow equipment

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