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Coal Separation Plant Rebuild 

Dredger Pumps are particularly susceptible to extreme damage to the volute area and especially at the cut water area of the volute pump case.


Centrifugal force tends to push any particles in the fluid being pumped to the outside and this causes particular problems to this area. Dredge Pumps are in the forefront of removing sediment from beneath the waterline.

By using the Unique Polymer Systems LTD range of ceramic coatings –

The distributor has enabled the end user to;

  • Not replace the pump unit at a high cost

  • Repair and protect the pump units.

This is a solution to the current economic climate where capital is saved from the maintenance budget by the use of Unique Polymer Systems LTD polymers.

Application Details

The three products used for this application; UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste, UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic

& UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic.


All used in conjunction with each other to facilitate a smooth flow of the pumped medium over the wetted parts of both impeller and volute casing to add extra dimension to the UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic.


The alternative solution to the problems that this type of fluid flow equipment has,

> Is to repair the worn and damaged areas. As this is a spare part, the cost of replacement is extremely high.


However by using the Unique Polymer Systems LTD range of products – the alternative low cost solutions.

The pump can be quickly and effectively repaired and this also has the added value of adding operational life to this equipment.

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