Cooling Tower Fan Blades Repairing & Coating 

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD distributor were approached and have recently done a very unique and impressive repairing/ rehabilitation job of Cooling Tower Fan Blades. 

Being use to performing this application with Belzona for so many years back in 1999 to 2012,

Most of the times they only repaired and coated, Leading Edges of Blades

(Leading Edges of FRP/ GRP Blades are prone to get eroded and opening up the original joint)

This is was our first application on Cooling Tower Fan Blades with UPS Products, and what it extra ordinary is; that we have have repaired almost dead/ irreparable blades with UPS 19000 RH Resin & Hardener in this application .

Being a set of 06 FRP Blades installed in Each Cell at Cement Pakistan, due to some malfunction during service,

one blade came out of the assembly's hub and made broken itself along with damaging others.

The customer called us in an emergency and we immediately came to resolve this issue.


Downtime required to import new blades was minimum 4 working weeks through by air. 

Whereas we have repaired all the 06 Blades in just 2 days

We used emery felt Grinding disks to prepare the surface and to remove deposited hard cement scale from the surface. 

It's been in service for the last 3 months without any problems (not even balancing issues, as we have this job with special care of weight putting on each blade. 

Customer is satisfied and they are planning to get repair/cost all other cell's blades in coming shutdown. 

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