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Typical Repairs Include


GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Repair Systems


Unique Polymer Systems GRP Composite and Pipe Repair Solutions consist of a blend of epoxy resins complimented

with various types of engineered textiles such as glass fibre. The product range is ideally suited for encapsulation of

pipe work ranging from 1" to 36" diameter. (25.4 mm to 914.4 mm)


The materials have been designed to offer durable and cost effective composite repairs to a wide range

of substrates such as wood, plastic, metal and concrete.


The products are avilable in practical repair kits tailored for the indfustrial and marine markets or as single component items.

  • Leaking pipe work

  • Cracked GRP surfaces

  • Emergency pipe repairs 

  • Leaking tank seems 

  • Badly pitted GRP surfaces

  • Carbon Steel Piping

  • Concrete lined pipes

  • Bridge columns 

  • Utility poles 

  • Round & oval tanks 

  • Leaking - eroded elbows  

  • Pitted & damaged containers 

  • Encapsulation of previous repairs 

  • Clamp repair

  • Steel & concrete transitions

  • Mortar lined pipes 

  • Structural sign repair 

  • Square constructed tanks 

  • Towers

  • Pilings

  • Pipe lines

  • wall thinning problems 

  • Flare lines

  • Trusses

  • Leaking flanges 

  • Underwater applications

  • Walls

  • Gas applications

  • Tank repairs

  • Concrete slumps 

  • Calorifier repairs  

  • Silos

  • Telephone poles 

  • Pier legs

  • Vessels

Features of the Metal Repair Systems

  • Simple and easy to mix

  • Solvent free

  • Tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation

  • High adhesion to a wide range of surfaces

  • Outstanding corrosion protection

  • Resistant to pressure up to 1,600 psi (110 bar) 

  • Resistant to temperatures up to 270'C (528'F) 

Benefits to the User Include

  • Reduced downtime of essential equipment 

  • Emergency repairs to leaking pipework

  • Cost effective solution to a wide range of maintenance problems 

  • Reduction in life cycle cost of key operating plant 

The Unique Polymer Systems GRP Systems have been used in the

Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industries all over the world

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