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UPS 361 CBK 

Conveyor Belt Repair Kit 

Conveyor Belts can suffer from a multitude of problems due to the wear and tear that is caused in abrasive situations. 


Belt surfaces can becomes ripped and experience abrasive damage that in turn can affect the performance and reliability. 
Generally, a change of a belt involves high costs - Price of a new belt, long downtime's (from 16-20 hours) depending on the equipment conditions etc. the selection of a non-appropriate products for instance; a product that has different hardness from the original  belt causes loosening of material when going through a driving pulley and conducted to the little flexibility 


  • Easy to mix & apply - user friendly 'Twin Pack' sachets 

  • Pre-measured - no risk of incorrect mixing ratios 

  • Incredible impact & abrasion resistance - can withstand the hardest operating environments. 

  • Excellent Flexibility - belts run like normal over pulleys 

  • Good chemical protection 

  • No special tool or specialist training required - all items for surface preparation to application are contain in the kit.  

  • Flame retardant and non-shrinking

  • Provides a Low Cost Solution - to high Cost Problems! 

UPS 361 CBK Conveyor Belt Repair Kit
- Contents 
UPS 362 CBK Conveyor Belt Repair Kit
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Product Advisory

The UPS 360 RRP Rubber Repair Paste has been developed in such a way it does NOT require a primer for rubber substrates, but not compromising on technical performance. This minimises downtime even further! This kit has been put together to create a quick, effective and effortless Conveyor belt repair with minimal loss of production. 

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