Hot Air Fan Refurbishment

After being awarded the contract to refurbishment 15 hot air fans in a salt processing factory, the Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor. The environment of the plant ensures that carbon steel surfaces need to be protected at all times. 

The fans are used in a drying process and over a period of time salt spray builds up on the surface of the fan. 

Unique Polymer Systems LTD recommended the application of UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic to the surface of the fan. The material offers a smooth flow efficiency to finish to metal surfaces. 

Application Details

The affected area was cleaned using abrasive blast

cleaning to Swedish standard sa2 1/2, 75 micron

profile using an angular grit.


The surface of the fan was degreased using

UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner. 


The first coat of UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic was applied to the prepared surface, the coating was allowed to cure for 6 hours prior to the application of the second coat. 


Once touch dry, the fans were then post cured using heaters to increase temperature and chemical resistance. 


The repair has ensured the customer can extend the life of each fan by 12 months.  

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