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Why choose and use 

Unique Polymer Systems Products vs. Competitors

Competitively Priced 

Helping to reduce the maintenance budget and reduce the high cost of manufacturing / service supplied. 

Long Term Success in Many Applications

The costliest part of using a composite polymer is the preparation so the LONGER

your choice of product last the less costly it is- better return on your investment. 

High Chemical Resistance 

Can use in more aggressive environments for longer periods 

High Heat Resistance 

Will enable you to protect hooter applications

VERY easy to Mix an Apply - LESS THIXOTROPIC

Save application time and apply into those difficult places with ease 

Excellent QUICK technical and application support 

On hand support to make sure you git right first time. Peace of mind when applying

No Solvents

Safe for both the environment and for the person applying.

Long Life Shelf

No need to throw away after just one or two applications (when part mixed)


If only use a small amount form one pack can re seal and use again later without affecting the shelf life

Distribution Support and Back up

Distribution Support and Back up

If help is needed in anyway i we at Unique Polymer Systems are here to assist 


Why wait for a sales engineer to call? why wait on the phone for a technician if you want to know what product to use? 

At UPS, we have a dedicated APP (for Phones & Tablets) that you can quickly GET ALL you need to know, no time wasting,

do things in your time not the suppliers 

High Quality Assurance with FULL Tractability 

Very rarely is there a problem with a product, however if there is we have bath numbers and full trace-ability

so we can check in manufacturing without you having to return the product.

Better physicals in erosion, abrasion and caviation application survival 

One product can cover more diverse application saving costs 

High Quality Carbides and Metals

Better raw materials = better and long life expectancy 

No Primers Required 

Having to use a primer increase the time and cost of application that with UPS is not required 

Surface Tolerant Capabilities 

With some products, they are surface tolerant 

i.e. less attention to surface preparation can be used.

Better Product Selection than most suppliers of composites 

You can use the CORRECT product designed for your specific application rather having to make do with a product

that may not entirely correct. 

In the forefront of MRO (Maintenance and Repair Opportunities) 

ALL our products are designed  to satisfy the maintenance engineer who is tasked with making a repair at any opportunity to avoid costly shut down and loss of production 

Many test cases with results

Unique Polymers have a library of successful customers, applications to give you both confidence and reassurance in peace of mind, when choosing UPS product. 

Permanent Repairs

Most of our repairs can be classified as PERMANENT and not TEMPORARY 

Quality Assurances 

You get full confidence that the product you are buying is of vert high quality 

Chemical Adhesion

We use a chemical type adhesion when our composites cure onto sub straight to give a VERY substantial adherence

with little chance of coming off your application 

Thin coats enabling High Abrasion Resistance 

Use less product per square area can dramatically save costs on your application prices. 

Increased Production Capability

By using the range of UPS products many gains can be made by reducing mean time between failure and less consumption. 

Quick Delivery 

Normally off the shelf next day shipping (dependant on availability and location) 

One Product can Replace Many 

Many polymer repair suppliers will have the same product

but in different forms so you have to buy more than you really need or want. 

Longer Lasting Repairs/ Coatings / Protection

Because we use the BEST RAW materials we can get the BEST and LONGEST LIFE form all our product giving and saving you best on your investment. 

Better Wear Resistance

Can last longer than other products 

More Flexibility 

Flexibility is the key to long life in both metal and elastomeric ,coating and repair applications


Manufacturing warranty covers all our products. In some cases, this can also be extended over

long periods of time providing certain criteria is accepted. 

FULL ASTM Test Results

Independent tests provide all our customers with exactly how the product will perform when in their applications. 


Many of our products can be used in emergency situations and a very quick curing capability. 

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