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Epoxy Concrete Light Weight 

Lightweight three-part solvent free epoxy repair mortar designed for use on cementations surfaces. 

The lightweight nature of the material makes it ideal for repair to overhead columns, sills and vertical concrete surfaces. 

Product Features

  • Combines good application characteristics 

  • Designed for application by trowel or float. 

  • Can be used to form wall / floor covings 

  • Excellent hold up on vertical and overhead surfaces. 

  • Adhesion - Excellent to correctly prepared surfaces. 

  •  Abrasion Resistance - High order of resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. 

Once hardener, the material should be left for the following periods of time at 20'C (68'F) before being subjected to the conditions indicated. These times will be doubled at 10'C (50'F) and halved at 30'C (86'F) 

Product Application

Suitable for emergency repairs to ;​

Overhead sill & vertical concrete structures. 

Product Documents
Product Advisory
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