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Emergency Pipe Repair Systems

& High-Temperature Bandages


At Unique Polymer Systems, We have developed a range of products which are suitable for emergency or temporary repair of metallic, plastic and concrete pipe. The repair systems offer a wide range of capabilities to the end user, from allowing emergency manual surface preparation repairs to abrasive blast cleaned pipe preparation for longer-term solutions.


 The products are available in practical repair kits tailored for the industrial and marine markets or as single component items

These types of pipe repair have been used for many years in all areas of industry. Typically they are seen as short to mid- term solutions for problematic pipe surfaces that have been badly corroded or eroded. In low-pressure applications up to (100psi). The products are proven to give over 15,000 hours of protection to lines transporting weak to low-level industrial chemicals or water. 


Pipe Repair Systems can be applied to the following types of substrate; 


  • Concrete (composite repair only) 

  • Steel 

  • Plastic (composite repair only) 

Maximum Pressure tolerance that can be achieved using Unique PolymerSystems LTD Pipe Repair Systems is 300psi.


The repair systems are simple and easy to use nd are based on the latest solvent free epoxy technology. They can be used in confined spaces without the need for expensive air fed equipment for the applicators and come in a range of grades that can include extra fast curing to the repair procedure. 

The Unique Polymer Systems Emergency Pipe Repair Systems have been used in the Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industires all over the world

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