Ballast Tank Pipes 

Many ships that have reached over 10 years old will suffer from the ballast tank transfer pipes becoming corroded, damaged and highly worn on the surfaces. 

The problem require in most cases, that the pipes be removed and replaced at a high cost to the ship owner. 

A blank tank is a compartment within a boat or ship that holds water. A vessel may have a single ballast tank near it's centre or multiple ballast tanks typically on either side. A large vessel has as well, fore peak and after peak tanks. Adding ballast to a vessel lowers its centre of gravity, and increases the draft of the vessel. Increased draft may be required for propeller immersion. 

Application Details


The cost of this problem area in the Ballast tank pipe work can vary dramatically, but will nearly always involve hard tyre repair (i.e. Pipe Replacement) methods, or replacement that has to be carried out in expensive dry dock time. 

Unique Polymer Systems LTD can order an extremely cost effective solution to this problem that not only can offer long term protection but can also be carried out whilst at sea - No need for expensive dry dock visits and lost profitability. 

Products UPS 19000 RH Resin & Hardener 

UPS 19007 GT 50m Glass Tape 

The repair is quick, effective and simple to carry out by on-board operatives. 

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