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ThistleBond Marine & Pipe Repair Kits

Unique Polymer Systems GRP Composite and Pipe Repair Solutions consist of a blend of epoxy resins complimented with various types of engineered textiles such as glass fibre. The product range is ideally suited for encapsulation of pipe work ranging from 1" to 36"/ 25.4mm to 914.4mm diameter.


The materials have been designed to offer durable and cost effective composite repairs to a wide range of substrates

such as wood, plastic, metal and concrete.


The products are available in practical repair kits tailored for the industrial and marine markets or as single component items.

• UPS/TRK 11000 A'Kit  IMPA 812235 • UPS/TRK 13000 'C' Kit- IMPA 812235

• UPS/TRK17000 LBRK Kit IMPA 330287 • UPS/TRK 19500 SPRK Kit IMPA 812367

The Unique Polymer Systems ThistleBond & Marine Kits have been used in the

Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industries all over the world

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