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UPS 19060 SG

Stick Grade Metal

IMPA ​81 22 02

UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal is a high performance, rapid-curing, synthetic metal repair compound specially

designed for on-site repairs to metal components such as castings, worn threads, jigs and mould patterns.​

Based a epoxy resin system co-reacted with an organo-sulphur / amine blend which are then interspersed with specially chosen pigments and filler which allow the base and activator components to be packed in intimate contact with each other. The reaction only occurs when the two components are hand mixed and the resultant blend produces a repair material with high physical and mechanical strength.

Features & Benefits
  • Simple to use - Only requiring simple hand mixing to activate reaction between the concentrically packed components.

  • Designed for application by gloved hand, putty knife or spatula.

  • Can be applied to any damaged metal surface, plus glass, fiberglass, and other composite surfaces.

  • Designed for rapid repairs to cracked casting, leaking pipes, tank, flanges, etc, minimizing downtime.

  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to correctly prepared metal surfaces. 

  • UPS product is an ideal replacement from;       Belzona 1291, Chesterton ARC4 RS & Loctite 3463

Product Documents
Product Advisory
Applications for UPS 19060 SG
Stick Grade Metal ​
  • Suitable for emergency repairs or part of planned maintenance to equipment 

  • Damaged pump shafts

  • Cracked pump or valve casings

  • Scored hydraulic rams

  • Worn bearing housings

  • Damaged flanges

  • Leaking tank seams

  • Worn keyways

  • Cracked Engine blocks etc.

A clear video showing a key example of how UPS 19060 SG can be used for a leaking pipe

Inconjuction with;

UPS 455 TA Leak Stopper

UPS TAC 883 Cleaner 

UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste 

UPS TBRT 4 Reinforcement Tape

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