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Rudder Repair 

Rebuild & Resurface Pitted & Eroded Rudders 

Pitted and eroded rudders were much need of repair through a Unique solution.

The surface was abrasive blast cleaned to Sa2 1/2, 75 microns surface profile (or near as possible) 

In many areas the pitting measured up to 10 mm deep. All pitted areas were rebuilt using UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste and once cured to a machinable state, where smooth to a suitable finish.

Next the rudders were resurfaced using UPS 210 Efficiency Ceramic, at 2 coats. 

The repair was carried out in 2011, and the ships docked in 2013, with absolutely no remedial work required. 

This method of repair eradicated the need for expensive and time consuming welding or bonding of steel plates

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