Power Station Main CW Line Leakage

Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor was approached by a major power station

because they were suffering from a huge leakage in the main CW line. 

Application Details 
  1. A CS Box with weep hole design was fabricated to cover the whole effected portion along with 2 foot extra to all three available sides. 

  2. A Pneumatic  grinder was used to prepare all the required surfaces in wet conditions 

  3. The CS Box was pasted with a combination of UPS 19601 PR Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste and immediately pressed down with a huge clamp covering all the circumference of the pipe. 

  4. After the materials have cured under the CS Box, the sealing around the box inch by inch from each side begun. 

  5. After sealing all sides of the box, a further reinforcement application was carried out on all border sides of the box. 

  6. The next day, the weeping hole was plugged using UPS 19060 SG Metal Grade stick and there was no more leakage!

This has saved the customer more than $200,000 US Dollars o the production loss in 24 hours!!
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