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Pipe Wrap by Unique Polymer Systems


PipeWrap offers high-performance solutions to leaking, corroded & damaged pipework. By using PipeWrap solutions down-time can be minimized and production can keep moving forward.

All manufacturing and service operations can suffer a significant financial loss from a damaged leaking pipe. 
Using the PipeWrap solutions will provide a durable and lasting repair which will see your equipment through.



PipeWrap is a branch of Unique Polymer Systems; We are a team dedicated to finding solutions to engineering problems, by using advanced polymer systems and innovative technologies. Using advanced engineering grade polymers we have the knowledge and expertise to solve many common problems both in your industry and in your infrastructure.


Unique Polymer Systems continue to develop products that can offer multiple choices and solutions for engineering problems. 

For example, the adhesive properties for the Unique Polymers range have been specially developed for their epoxy repair compounds.

These make all their products extremely strong and they are the 'Best In There Class' when it comes to performance and life expectancy.



If you have a problem we can usually find a solution that will be both cost-effective in both downtime and materials costs.

Unique Polymer Systems have added to their already extensive range, a range of products that use Novolac Epoxy

as part of their base polymer. Novolac polymer is a form of hard material in its natural state (rock) and in this form

has a very good/excellent high temperature and chemical resistance properties.


PipeWrap has developed Live Leak Sealing Systems whereby you do not need to turn off the flow.

3 main solutions


Emergency Pipe Repair - The 3 Minute Fix

Composite Wrapping - The Permanent Repair

Anti-Corrosive Tapes - All Weather Protection

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