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Emergency Repair Bandages Application


There is a break in the main line of water that supplies from extraction wells to the plant, the repair is done by means of welding, and this repair is reinforced with repair tape UPS 19605 PR in the 22" duct. 

Installation Procedure 

The work area is cleared, removing the material (earth) around the pipe, leaving clear about 10 cm below the pipe. 

Then the UPS 19605 PR 100mm x 3.6m bandage is immersed in water for 20 seconds to begin the chemical hardening reaction. 

The pipe repair tape is applied in the form of a bandage around the perimeter of the pipe and generating an overlap just in the damaged area. 


It was not necessary to lower the pressure of the line to begin the work of applying the Repair Bandage UPS 19605 PR 100mm x 3.6m 

100 tapes were applied in layers until achieving the thickness of 14 mm approximately times 1.2 meters of length, allowing to settle during the night to achieve an optimal setting and to be able to cover the duct again with earth and to assure a normal operation of the Aqueduct.


Staff of the facility decide to set the UPS 19605 PR 100mm x 3.6m  bandage all night, before proceeding to cover the 22" water line repaired with earth. The photographs of the repair tape were taken on Tuesday 25th July 2017, at the end of the installation work and observed in excellent condition. Customer is satisfied with the solution proposed and with the result obtained. 


Without leaving the line of service, it was possible to extend the service life of the 22" aqueduct thanks to the

UPS 19605 PR 100mm x 3.6m bandage, which translates into a significant economic saving for the company to have operational continuity in all the facility that depends on the aqueduct.  

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