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Emergency Repair Bandages Application


There is detachment of material between the stub end of a line of HDPE DN 500,

which transports to the flotation cells, from the channel in the industrial area of facility. 


Due to the fluids abrasiveness, the stub end has lost much material from inside the line, which causes the filtration, generating a hole in the exterior of the union of approximately 1" in diameter. 


The affected area was repaired with UPS 19605 PR  Bandage and Stick grade metal UPS 19060 SG


1. Mechanical cleaning is performed on the surface of the HDPE pipe to to be repaired 

2. Put the putty 'Stick grade metal - UPS 19060 SG', mixing both components and applied in the breaks.

3. The tape unrolls, because it is such a small space between the studs and stub ends, the tape is roller over the joint, passed one end of the tape in between and taking care in the overlap, with out dipping. Giving approximately two and a half turns, once rolled the surface of the tape is wiped, giving way to the installation of the next tape, repairing the same procedure three times, in total there were three tapes of UPS 190605 PR 100mm  x 3.6m bandage 

4. The application only takes 20 minutes 

5. Wait approximately 1 hour time, and the value is opened. 


An immediate loss of flow is observed, a 100% seal is achieved and without leaks, it also allows the customer to main the operating line, while planning the change of stub end in bad condition. 

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