Off-Road Tyre Repair

As the close- up photograph shows, this tyre has suffered deep damage due to heavy impact. 

This off road vehicle was used in an industrial facility that was operational twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Due to the replacement cost for a new tyre and the length of downtime required, the company wanted to undertake a high performance repair instead. 

Application Details

The surface was prepared by abrading with a wire wheel and all loose rubber was cut away. The surface was then primed and the UPS 305 EG '60' was applied to all areas needing repair. 

Due to the limited downtime available, heat lamps were used to speed up the curing of the UPS 305 EG '60'. The total time to complete  the repair was only six hours,which also gave the customer a massive cost saving.


The customer now uses Unique Polymer systems LTD Elastomeric repair products for all his off-road tyre repairs.  

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