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Large Pipe Repair Kit 

Formally TRK 2006




Designed to put all products required to repair any size pipe, also protect worn pipes where the wall thickness has been compromised. can be used for offshore protection to immersed legs and support structures.

Features & Benefits


  • By utilizing UPS 19000 RH in conjunction with UPS 19009 GT - immediate and cost effective repairs can be carried out.

  • Surface preparation is at a minimum due to the surface tolerance of the UPS 19000 RH

  • The end result can offer long term protection at a working temperature of 170'c (338'f) and at pressures ranging from 35kg/cm2 (500psi) through to 112kg/cm2 (16,00psi)

  • Simple to apply with minimum surface preparation required

  • Gives long-term repair and protection.

 Kit contents;


UPS 19000 RH Resin & Hardener 5 x 10 x 225gms

UPS 19003 A&B Cement 4 x 1kg

UPS 19009 GT 5 x 100mm x 50m 


Disposable Gloves x 20 Pairs​

Brush 5 x 1” Width 

Applicator x 10



Detailed Application Booklet x 1

Product Documents
Product Advisory
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