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Holed Oil Tank Repair

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD distributor was asked if they had a solution for heavily cored steel wall on an oil tank, which had become porous and was beginning to leak oil.

Two options were available to the sit manager 

  1. To fully drain the tank and weld a steel plate to the side costing thousands of pounds, 


   2. Using a cold-cure epoxy that is tolerant of manually prepared surfaces, to fill the hole and repair the tank .​

Application Details

The Tank was drained to a level beneath the hole. The damaged area was abraded using a wire brush, and then using UPS 19060 SG Metal Grade Stick to fill the hole. 

Once cured, the entire area was treated using UPS 19065 RG Rapid Grade. The tank was left for 30 minutes to cure and then put back into operation. 

Products Used

UPS 19065 RG is a urethane engineering repair compound developed for the quick turnaround of metal repairs, where excellent mechanical strength is required. 

Enhanced corrosion and chemical protection. 

UPS 19060 SG is a rapid epoxy metal repair compound and is ideal for onsite repairs to leaking pipes, tanks and ducts. 

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