Helix Pump Refurbishment

A Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor recently completed a major refurbishment and overhaul on a helix pump at a wastewater treatment facility. 

A high performance coating was sought in order to prevent further chemical an corrosion damage to the helix pump and other Helixes at the waster treatment works. 

UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic was selected for this application for the fact it offers excellent adhesion to steel, as well as concrete and has outstanding chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance. 

Application Details

The affected areas were blast cleaned using angled grit to Sa2 1/2 75 micron profile.All surfaces were cleaned using UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner. 

Two coats of UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade were then applied within 4 hours of blast to prevent flash rusting.

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