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UPS 115 XL

Extended Life Metal Repair Paste

UPS 115 XL Extended Life Metal Repair Paste is a high-performance multi purpose synthetic metal repair compound specially developed for repairs requiring good mechanical strength combined with easy machining properties where additional working time is essential during the application period, ideal for use in warm environments.

Applications for UPS 115 XL Extended Life Metal Repair Paste
  • Cracked pump valve casings.

  • Rebuilding worn or damaged pump shafts

  • Suitable for emergency repairs to part of planned maintenance to equipment

  • Scored hydraulic rams,

  • Bearing housings.

  • Flanges​

  • Cracked engine blocks

Chemical Resistance

The product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalis', salts and organic media, 

Heat Resistance 

Suitable for long-term water immersion at temperatures up to 60'C (140'F)

Resistant to dry heat in excess of 200'C (392'F) dependant on load. 

Features & Benefits
  • Good application characteristics with good build characteristics.

  • Contains complex range of epoxy resins combined with polyamino-amine curing system reinforced with phosphor steel alloy to enhance the corrosion and chemical resistance

  • Long working life of the material ideal for complex shimming operations

  • Designed for application by trowel or spatula at thicknesses up to 12mm.

  • Provides outstanding cold weld capabilities.

  • Excellent adhesion to correctly prepared metal surfaces

  • UPS product is an ideal replacement from Belzona 1121 Super XL Metal

Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and don't take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired

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