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Engineering Repair Polymers


Designed to offer repair solutions to many industrial maintenance problems.

The materials are widely used by engineers based in the Oil & Gas, Power, Marine, Water, Paper, and Chemical industries.



The benefits of using Unique Polymer Systems Engineering Repair Systems include:


  • Reduction in life cycle cost of key operating equipment.

  • Allows engineers to perform preventative maintenance.

  • Protection of equipment from erosion and corrosion.

  • Reduction in downtime of essential process equipment.

Mechanical Repair

The products are based on the latest epoxy resin and nano, particle technology and are widely used within the engineering industry for repairs to mechanical equipment and components. The materials can be used for emergency repairs such as leaking pipe work or tank seams, or as planned refurbishment work including resurfacing scored hydraulic rams or drive shafts. Once cured the materials can be machined down to fine tolerances.


Fluid Flow Protection

The ceramic enhanced product range is ideally suited to rebuilding and resurfacing mechanical equipment and components subject to erosion and corrosion in a fluid flow environment. Typical repairs can include pump casings, impellers, heat exchanger's, rudders, bow thrusters and valve casings. The products are available in several grades depending on the type of equipment in need of repair and the working environment they operate in. 


Elastomeric Repairs

Elastomeric Repairs are based on advanced two-component solvent free urethane polymers. All products within this range are high performance elastomers, which have been specially developed for the repair of rubber components, either by brush, roller or trowel. The properties of all the elastomers have been designed to match factory-produced elastomers. 

High-Temperature Immersion Protection

Available in brush or spray grade, the materials once fully cured, are capable of protecting equipment against a range of aggressive chemicals including hydrocarbons, acids, alkalies, water and steam at temperature up to 150°C (302'F)

Composite Repair of Pipework

Based on solvent free epoxy technology Unique Polymer Systems LTD Composite Repair Systems are ideal for repairs to problem pipework ranging from 1” to 36” diameter. The products are widely used with in the marine and power generating industries and allow engineers to encapsulate corroded steel or plastic pipe work.


Protective Coatings 



Chemical Resistant Coatings

Chemical coatings offer high-performance protection from a wide range of aggressive industrial chemicals. The products ensure expensive chemical processing assets are protected from chemical attack and premature failure. The coatings have been specifically developed to cover a wide range of applications and can be applied to both metallic and cementitious surfaces. Unique Polymer Systems LTD coatings are capable of withstanding 98% Sulphuric Acid, 36% HCL and provide protection in environments subject to elevated temperatures.


Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Corrosion protection products offer a versatile range of solutions to industrial erosion and corrosion problems. The products ensure minimal downtime of production areas or processing equipment and in many cases are tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation. The materials are widely used in industry and ensure that expensive capital equipment and structures are given long- term high-performance protection from their environment.



Thermal Barriers, Membranes & Pipe Coatings

Unique Polymer Systems  has developed a unique range of single pack epoxy based coatings designed to reduce the surface temperature of hot pipework, eliminating the need for insulation and caging. Along with this, we have devised solutions to Corrosion under Insulation with a single pack epoxy based material which cures only with the heat from the equipment which it is applied to. Unique Polymer Systems LTD also offers a range of waterproofing membranes for steel and concrete structures, which are shower proof within 15 minutes of application.  

Concrete Repair Systems
Concrete repair systems offer outstanding chemical resistance along with exceptional application properties. Used to repair and rebuild surfaces subject to chemical attack before using one of the Unique coatings to provide the finishing layer to the system. Unique Polymer Systems LTD also offer a range of epoxy floor coatings and screeds for a large number of different flooring applications.
Primer Systems
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