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Primary Filter Repairing of Desalination Unit

Recently completed a major repair on a primary filter of a desalination unit at a power plant.  

The filter vessel was internally Teflon lined, with the upper casing responsible for holding the filter cartridges. One of these cartridges had become damaged over time. 

The client originally planned to replace the whole unit, until the Unique Polymer Systems LTD Distributor explained how they could repair the filter, saving the client vast amounts of capital

Application Details

The filter was dismantled from top down.

Bushing areas were cleaned the area where the cartridge casings were fitted were coated with UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste. The flip side of the broken filter was in good condition; therefore the distributor reinforced the casing with UPVC sockets

(machined & drill holed to match ID & holes.) 

The very next day the filter was back in service

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