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Chemical & Corrosion Protection Systems

Offering high-performance protection from a wide range of aggressive industrial chemicals.

The products ensure expensive chemical processing assets are protected from chemical attack and premature failure.


The coatings have been specifically developed to cover a wide range of applications and can be applied to both metallic and cementations surface. Unique Polymer Systems Chemical Coatings range offers solutions that reflect the latest advances in solvent free polymer technology and take into consideration the type of surface preparation available and the customers’ long-term requirements. 

Typical Repairs Include; 

  • Fuel tanks 

  • Bunds

  • Pipework

  • Process equipment

  • Treatment plants 

  • Drainage channels 

  • Containment areas

  • Structural steel 

  • Chemical dykes

Features Of The Product Range Include; 

  • Simple use

  • Excellent chemical resistance 

  • Brush, roller or spray applied

  • Seamless finish

  • Good adhesion to previously coated surfaces 

Benefits To The User Include;

  • Guaranteed long-term protectiono of key assests

  • Reduced downtime or process equipment and production areas

  • Cost effective solutions

  • Reduction in life cycle coat of key operating plant. 

The Unique Polymer Systems Chemical Coating Systems have been used in the Marine, Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Water and Paper & Pulp industries. 
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