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Composite Wrapping

The materials have been designed to offer durable and cost effective composite repairs to a wide range of substrates such as; wood, plastic, metal and concrete.

The products are available in practical repair kits tailored for the industrial and marine markets or as single component items.

The Permanent Repair

Unique Polymer Systems LTD GRP Composite Repair Systems consist of a blend of epoxy resins complimented with various types of engineered textiles such as glass fibre. The product range is ideally suited for encapsulation of pipework ranging from 1” to 36” (25.4 mm to 914.4 mm) diameter.

A unique range of Pipe Repair Systems which utilise the exceptional characteristics from Epoxy Resin, polyurethane and Poly-Chloride bases. Each unique solution has its place within the fluid flow environments; whether its instant leak repairs where minimal downtime is essential; composite wrapping to rebuild compromised pipe walls and reinstate integrity or providing anti-corrosive protection to land and buried pipe work. Unique Polymers has the solution.

The Research & Development teams have been working towards these new repair technologies that eradicate the use of hot work, minimise downtime and ultimately provide long-term protection to assets.

The UPS Pipe Repair Systems are accepted worldwide as they provide a durable, excellent engineered and affordable solution, which can be applied with minimal training, consequently saving time!

These repair solutions can be carried out in situation and online without the need for any hot work. The composite wrapping can be completed within only a few hours. Finally, these types of repairs can be considered a permanent solution, with a design life, exceeded 20 years. Where longer is required, a further review is undertaken.

Composite Repair information:

Technical Specifications

Usable Life - 25 minutes

Initial Set - 2 hours

Full Mechanical Cure - 5 days


Maximum Temperature Resistance (Dry) - 100°C

Maximum Temperature Resistance (Sealer Filler Resin Mix) - 180°C

Maximum Temperature Resistance (In Conjunction with Glass Tape) - 170°C


Low Pressure Repair - 500psi

High Pressure Repair* - 1,600psi


Chemical Resistance - Please see Full Chemical Resistance Chart

Shelf Life - 5 years if unopen and stored correctly

Unique Polymer Systems recommend using the UPS 11000 A KIT which is an excellent choice for a full composite repair including UPS 19000 RH, UPS 19007/9 GT, UPS 19060 SG, UPS 19002/3 A&B + all the glass fibre cloth/s

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