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Coal Fired Power Stations

The UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic is the best selling product in the EU, for Coal Fired Power stations .

We have had a contract to supply & apply the UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic for over 20 years –

through our distributors/applicators in The Netherlands.


Application Details

These are fuel feed pipes that carry the very hot abrasive coat plant at the stat of the contract.


The option was to use a hardened steel OR choice a protective carbide.

After testing the UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic, was the chosen material, you can see the repair in the pictures all blasted surfaces were then coated with UPS 236 PU, which was applied, at this section that has also been over-coated with the

UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic –very smooth / shiny surface to provide a further layer of protection.


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